Check out Mason Greer when you have the chance. He’s a great singer and actor with a lot of promise. My vocal coach, Cydney London, works a lot with this kid and regularly sings his praises. Once you check out the talent this young boy has, you’ll understand why.

Mason just released a new single, In Love’s Arms, and it’s available now on iTunes.

The song, written by Cydney London, is perfect for Mason. All too often, I find that little kids sing songs that are too mature for them or that are inappropriate for their age. Not so here. This is a sweet song sung by a sweet kid with a rich voice.

Some child singers have sweet voices. Mason has a rich voice. It really has a full sound with body and tone to it. His voice isn’t “cute”, people, it’s the real thing!

Catch him live some time when you have the chance. In fact, you can see him now. He plays Kurt in Theatre Aquarius‘ current production of The Sound of Music.

Also, check out his Facebook Page.