About the Show

A fun children’s play about a group of kids who come across a magical map. The map takes them on an unforgettable journey around the world. Once they’ve been to all seven continents, the map promises a remarkable treasure. A great adventure. A wonderful way for children to discover the world.

Script by Eyal Bitton.

Brief Synopsis

Three kids are in a rock group called The Wannabes. Big time record producer Quincy Qash hears them in concert and believes they’re going to be the next big thing. At a meeting in Quincy Qash’s office, the kids notice an odd map on his wall with some writing at the bottom of it.

Quincy Qash explains that it’s a map drawn by Juan de la Cosa, Christopher Colombus’ map-maker and that the writing at the bottom is a legend about a mysterious treasure written in de la Cosa’s own hand.  “This map appears quite plain but is, in fact, quite radical, fantastical, and even quite magical; for if its secret is unfurled, you will find the greatest in the world.”

When Quincy Qash steps out of the office, the kids discover the map’s secret and magically get taken away on an incredible adventure. They learn that they have to visit all seven continents in the world. At the end of the journey, they will obtain the greatest treasure.

As everyone vies for the treasure, the kids find themselves in a dramatic conflict with Quincy Qash.



flexible cast members
flexible ensemble


45 minutes


Materials in digital form unless otherwise specified:

  • Script
  • Character breakdown
  • Poster image


Ticketed production (1-3 performances): $400

Non-ticketed production (1-3 performances): $250

Price includes right to duplicate script and poster image.
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