About the Show

This moving and inspiring musical tells the spectacular Biblical story of Moses, the Hebrew raised as an Egyptian who would free his people from slavery and deliver them to the Promised Land.

Music and libretto by Eyal Bitton.

Brief Synopsis

To save her new-born, a Hebrew slave named Yocheved puts her son into a basket and places the basket in the Nile. Princess Bithiah dicovers the basket and raises the child, Moses, as a royal Egyptian.

Years later, Moses, now a young man, goes out to see his people. He sees an Egyptian taskmaster beating a Hebrew slave. Enraged, Moses slays the Egyptian. Moses flees Egypt to escape the wrath of Ramses, Pharaoh of Egypt, who now knows that Moses is, in fact, a Hebrew.

He dwells in Midian where he meets and then marries Tzipporah. While tending to his sheep one day, he comes across a burning bush and is called upon by God to deliver his people out of bondage.

Moses returns to Egypt, reunites with his family – brother Aaron, sister Miriam, Hebrew mother Yocheved, and Egyptian stepmother Bithiah. He assumes leadership of the Hebrew slaves, approaches Ramses, and demands, “Let my people go!”

This is more than a cry for freedom for Moses will lead his people not only out of slavery but to a glorious destiny.

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The kids love your musical… Such memorable tunes… I am so impressed.

June Hale (Music Director)Madison, CT production

The musical was amazing. It was so fun to perform in!

Melissa HoffmanMadison, CT production

Fantastic work! …The kids like it and I like it very much too… Some cried after the performance.

Mr. Edmund Kwan (Musical Director)United Christian College (Kowloon East) - Hong Kong

Your musical did touch all of us who worked on it… Thank you so much for your wonderful script, amazing music… It was an experience none of us will forget.

Joy Weaver (Director)Madison, CT production

It was such a joy to be able to do your play. It was amazing and the music was beautiful.

Shana ReeseMadison, CT production

Thank you for sharing this gift with us.

Martha HoffmanMadison, CT production



  • 1 tenor
  • 1 soprano
  • (optional: 2 tenors, 1 soprano, 1 child soprano)
  • flexible chorus
  • narrator


120 minutes


Materials in digital form unless otherwise specified:

  • Script (narration and libretto)
  • Vocal score
  • Orchestral score and parts


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