About the Show

Composed for Jerusalem’s 3000th anniversary, it premiered in 1996 as an Official Jerusalem 3000 Event under the auspices of Israeli Consul General Daniel Gal. It was performed by a 25-piece orchestra and a 175-person choir at Salle Claude-Champagne. On its 10th anniversary, on April 3, 2006, it made its triumphant Toronto debut. The oratorio was performed again in 2011 in Hamilton with soloists Eyal Bitton and Michele Tredger and narrated by television personality and author Michael Coren.

Music and libretto by Eyal Bitton.

Brief Synopsis

Musical vignettes of significant milestones take us on a journey through time in 5 segments.

Experience the creation of the universe, witness Abraham’s revelation of the one God, Sarah’s desire for a child, the offering of Isaac, watch Moses as he frees the Hebrews from slavery, delivers the Ten Commandments, and leads his people to the Promised Land. At the end of Act One, King David brings the Ark of the Covenant up to Jerusalem, the heart of the Jewish people.

Experience the Babylonian exile, the return to Zion, the building of the second Temple, the destruction of the second Temple and exile by the Romans, the Spanish Inquisition, the Holocaust, and the rebirth of the state of Israel.

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A commendably ambitious, impressive achievement

Rick KardonneThe Jewish Tribune

JOURNEY TO JERUSALEM is a masterful and impacting concept whose music is both memorable and descriptive

Danny GaisinOntario Arts Review

Ear-friendly… an almost poppy catchiness… truly moving

Ori DaganThe Epoch Times

The musical event of the year

Heather SolomonThe Canadian Jewish News

‘The Gift of God’… is so emotionally touching as to be a worthy new addition to the liturgy

Danny GaisinOntario Arts Review



  • 1 tenor
  • 1 soprano
  • (optional: 2 tenors, 1 soprano, 1 child soprano)
  • flexible chorus
  • narrator


120 minutes


Materials in digital form unless otherwise specified:

  • Script (narration and libretto)
  • Vocal score
  • Orchestral score and parts


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