About the Show

A light and educational children’s play about children attending a Bar Mitzvah and learning what its true meaning is.

Script by Eyal Bitton.

Brief Synopsis

A group of kids attend a Bar Mitzvah. As they listen to a speech, each begins to fantasize about their own Bar or Bat Mitzvah. One is convinced that a Bar Mitzvah is all about candies. Another thinks it’s about the delicious food served at the luncheon kiddush. One is looking forward to being the centre of attention and being told how brilliant they are. Daydream follows daydream. Wishful and youthful imagination follows wishful and youthful imagination. And at the end of this light and entertaining play, the children learn the true meaning of a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.



flexible cast members (8 minimum)
flexible ensemble


45 minutes


Not available for licensing at this time.


Not available for licensing at this time.