Eyal Bitton is a composer, lyricist, lecturer, and cantor who has penned several musicals and oratorios.

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Cantor Eyal Bitton, of Beth Jacob Synagogue in Hamilton, Ontario, singing liturgical pieces and more.

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Eyal’s musicals and oratorios have been produced and licensed to groups around the world.

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Kehila School
Eyal Sings Anthems at Bulldogs Game
Eyal at Shalom Village
Les Miz's Jewish Composer
God in Secular Music and Poetry
Jewish Rock Stars - Toronto


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    The military conflict between Israel and Hamas has been an upsetting experience for many Jews around the world. Jewish shops and synagogues in Paris were targeted. Many pro-Palestinian demonstrations across Europe and here in Canada exuded anti-Semitic sentiment with shouts of “Kill the Jews!” and “Hitler was right!”. In Calgary, a Jewish man was dragged […]

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    Sermon by Cantor Eyal Bitton July 12, 2014 at Beth Jacob Synagogue PARASHAT PINHAS Some things in this world are just so obvious that they’re laughable. Last Tuesday afternoon, I was watching the Brazil-Germany World Cup semi-final. What a game this was sure to be. A clash between two soccer titans. Would this be, as […]

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    Sermon by Cantor Eyal Bitton July 5, 2014 at Beth Jacob Synagogue PARASHAT BALAK Naftali Fraenkel, 16 years-old. Gilad Shaar, 16 years-old. Eyal Yifrach, 19 years-old. Three weeks ago, on June 12, as these three teenagers tried to hitchhike home near Hebron, they were kidnapped. Days went by. A week went by. Then another week. […]

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    This coming Sunday, January 12, I’ll be joining three of my colleagues for a delightful concert at Beth Emeth in Toronto. If the rehearsals are any indication, it’s going to be amazing. The rehearsal last night featured the four of us along with our phenomenal band. The music is light and engaging. We had a […]


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